Ministry of Sports – Côte d’Ivoire

i-Sports is the fruit of long collaboration between Connectik and the Ministry of Sports and Leisure of Côte d’Ivoire.
Ministry of Sports
The Challenge

The Challenge

Amateur and professional sport is structured around complex relationships and interests, not always shared between stakeholders such as federations, clubs, athletes, fans, media and sponsors.

In a context marked by spectacle sport with increasingly important economic interests, the Sport Ministries do not always have an easy mission to make sports a tool for social cohesion and economic development.

The Ministry of Sports and Leisure also has the heavy responsibility to fund the development of Sports in Côte d’Ivoire, both at professional and amateur levels. Today, 90% of Federation’s funding comes from the Ministry of Sports.

In order to help the Ministry accomplish its increasingly complex mission, Connectik offers a solution based on the construction of a digital ecosystem dedicated to the Ivorian sport, named i-Sports.

Our Solution

i-Sports is a powerful tool for managing sports events and financing Ivorian sport while ensuring the professionalization of high-level sport and the promotion of mass sport.

The i-Sports platform is an information management system dedicated to sport, developed to allow the Ministry of Sports and Leisure to create a virtuous circle that benefits every sport practiced in the country.

i-Sports helps structure, facilitate and strengthen relationships between the Ministry, the Federations, clubs, associations, players or athletes and fans.

More than technology, i-Sports is a complete ecosystem that also includes a sports equipment scholarship and a sports marketing agency that will allow each Federation to build its own i-Sports.

Our Solution

News and Groups

Have an official communication channel within i-Sports and allow fans to join or create groups to share their passion for a sport, a team or a player with other fans

Online Academy

Thanks to this online academy, professional and amateur players can perfect their technique using content created by pro organisations or the members themselves.


Sell official merchandising and other sporting goods – such as the official jersey of the National Team or a ball.


Allow members to subscribe or renew their licence/membership and thereby build a strong database of members.

Events & Ticketing

Manage events and benefit from an e-ticketing module to allow fans to purchase their tickets directly from i-Sports.

Sports and Marketing Performance

Index to measure a player’s or athlete’s sports and marketing performance, to help it improve its game but also monetize better image with sponsors.

The Côte d’Ivoire i-Sports app is available on Google Play and on the App Store.

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