Ferwafa: the first 'one stop shop' dedicated to football in Africa

Ferwafa is the result of the collaboration between Connectik and Ferwafa (Rwandan Federation of Football Association) and is positioned as a pioneer in the field of football at Pan-African level

The Challenge

Vincent Nzamwita, President of the Ferwafa ”this initiative aims to bring together all the actors linked to football in Rwanda to share their passion, whilst strengthening professional football and promoting amateur and college football”.

The Solution

Clubs, players, officials and Rwandan football fans or football practitioners will now have a complete ecosystem including a web and mobile platform (computer, smart phone and USSD), allowing them, according to their profile, to access targeted services: financing infrastructure projects or small equipment for the clubs, having real-time sports performance statistics for players, mobilizing supporters at competitions, securing and massifying access to stadiums for the fans, benefit from a sports license or a ‘smart’ football fan card associated with banking and insurance services for each user …

The Solution

News and Groups

Have an official communication channel within i-Sports and allow fans to join or create groups to share their passion for a sport, a team or a player with other fans


Online Academy

Thanks to this online academy, professional and amateur players can perfect their technique using content created by pro organisations or the members themselves.


Official Shop

Sell official merchandising and other sporting goods – such as the official jersey of the National Team or a ball.


Digital License

Allow members to subscribe or renew their licence/membership and thereby build a strong database of members.


Events and Ticketing

Manage events and benefit from an e-ticketing module to allow fans to purchase their tickets directly from i-Sports.


Sports Performance and Marketing

Index to measure a player’s or athlete’s sports and marketing performance, to help it improve its game but also monetize better image with sponsors.


The Ferwafa app is available on Google Play


Get in touch with us

For all requests, please follow this link to go to our Contact page. Then please complete the form or call us to speak directly to a member of our team.