Connectik empowers Associations and Chambers of Commerce

We have designed a digital platform and mobile application aiming at bringing CoCs closer to their members, open to the world and allowing CoC members, employees, clients and service providers to be connected.
Chambers of Commerce

The Challenge

Provide real added value services to members and help the Chambers of Commerce build powerful databases

Our Solution

We focus on essential life changing technologies for businesses of CoC members.

The platform enables collaboration, communication, monetization of services, and facilitates new business opportunities.

We are building an international network for CoCs and their members: Connectik’s vision is to link together all CoCs and members using our digital platforms and applications to facilitate business development, create new partnership and growth opportunities, locally and globally.

Our Solution


Allow companies to subscribe or renew their membership to their chamber of commerce

Financial Services

Get access to micro credits, crowdfunding, money transfers, etc from your company

Job offers

Get access to all job offers within your chamber of commerce network


Respond to calls for tenders.

The Chambers of Commerce Associations app is available on Google Play and on the App Store.

Get in touch with us

For all requests, please follow this link to go to our Contact page. Then please complete the form or call us to speak directly to a member of our team.