Youth Connekt, the first Panafrican Youth empowerment programme

We are proud to be part of Youth Connekt. We have launched the web version of the Youth Connekt digital ecosystem during during the Africa Summit, held in Kigali last July. We will soon launch the mobile version of the ecosystem, available on IOS, Android and in USSD.
Youth Connekt
The Challenge

The Challenge

Africa, the cradle of humanity, is the new frontier continent with 60% of the population under 24 but with the highest unemployment rate at 60%.
This young demographic makes Africa the ”Mobile First” Continent with a very powerful dynamic of mobile use, which is planned to grow to 725 million subscribers by 2020.

Much more than just Technology

The YouthConnekt Digital Ecosystem will be deployed around 4 major stages:

1. A desktop and web app, launched in July 2017
2. A mobile application, launching early 2018
3. The integration of a range of banking and insurance services for individuals and companies (cash transfers, grants, donations, micro-lending, loans, crowdfunding, private equity, insurance contracts …) in Q1 2018
4. The launch of the first pan-African incubator, alongside the launch of the first Open APIs and Open Data Program, in Q3 2018 during the Transform Africa summit.

The YouthConnekt Digital Ecosystem, the fruit of a collaboration between the Republic of Rwanda and Connectik, will be much more than a digital platform, it will be an accelerator of youth mobilization to make Africa a model continent in terms of inclusive growth.

Much more than just Technology

Connect with decision makers

Connect with decision makers and other African role models in a totally secure way


Self-train online on a variety of disciplines

Fund a project

Fund a project, donate money, make cash transfers, access micro- lending …

Job offers

Benefit from job and internship offers.

Calls for tenders

Respond to calls for tenders.

Working groups

Create or join secure working groups

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